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About Us

In 1946, Gildea Tool (the predecessor to GT Automation) was formed. Fifty years later in 1996, Gildea Tool and Merkler Machine Works joined forces to create today's GT Automation.


From the beginning, we have built our reputation of excellence by providing services tailored to meet the specific machining requirements of our customers. 

Our goal is to provide high quality and service excellence to customers with needs for design engineering, precision machining, and repair, maintenance, and assembly.


Our plant is headquartered in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where our employees are ready to meet your needs and strive to always exceed your expectations.


Whether you are a customer or a vendor, we value our relationships as they are integral to our ability to meet our strategic goals, which include being the vendor of choice for our customers, the employer of choice for our people, and a valued customer to our vendors.


Steve Gildea, CEO

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